Ennis RV Rock Trails & Tales

Embark on a journey with us as we explore the wanderlust-filled adventures of Traveling Rocks from the Ennis Luxury RV Resort!

Our group’s mission? To spread joy! There’s nothing quite like that warm feeling when you stumble upon a special rock during your adventures.

Ennis Luxury RV Resort proudly partnered with local elementary schools to create these magical rocks, and we’re excited to follow the journey of these rocks and see where they end up! Feel free to craft your very own Traveling Rock and keep tabs on its travels too.

How does this work? Simply become Facebook friends with Ennis RV Rock Trails & Tales. As each rock makes its way across the land, the lucky adventurers who find the rock will take it and leave it in a spot of their choosing, spreading joy for someone else to find. They will post a photo on our Facebook page showing where they moved the rock with the hashtag #EnnisRVRocks.

Join us in this unforgettable experience!

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